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A wedding often happens only once in a lifetime, and we believe it should be filled with luxuries, like those fit for Marie Antoinette. Weddings are our joie de vivre. We are seasoned experts waiting to turn your wedding into an experience that’s uniquely yours. Our clients experience is distinguished because we bond with our couples and go out of our way to find out what moves them, what their passions are, and get a sense for their personality. What results, is a custom personal experience, and an event that your friends and family will continue to talk about for years to come. Being engaged is a special time in your life, and we add to the experience by crafting your very own lavish bed of roses. learn more

Social Soirees

We understand the importance of impressing your guests and selecting the perfect elements to create a rich and social atmosphere. With our experience and panache, we will transform your next social event into the talk of the town. Our top of the line service is perfect for the fashionista looking to plan the perfect signature birthday, the contemporary charity looking to make event design history, or the affluential socialite looking to make a statement. We understand the importance of good style.

“At A Monique Affair we strive to create an unforgettable experience with each and every event we design. Each client represents a new dream we thrive on bringing to life. Our team is cultured in the world of events and you can expect to receive the five-star treatment when you work with us. We cater to each event by taking special care of you, and connecting to what your heart truly desires. Whether it is to create a whimsical cloud-nine wedding, adding the glitz to your lavish social, or inspiring the attendees of your corporate event, A Monique Affair can take it up a notch and make it truly upscale.”


Giving back is sexy, especially because it’s important to connect with your community. For this reason we created Inspire, an amenity available to non-profit organizations who wish to add inspirational glamour to their events or fundraising efforts. We design to inspire for you, by providing our expert design savvy, for your very good cause. Contact us for details at


Being the modern career man or woman these days is not easy in a world where success requires your attention to every single detail. We know the importance of flawless professionalism and impeccable performance. We guarantee a splendid experience when you team up with us to plan your next major corporate event. We manage all the details, while you enjoy yourself and reap the reward of positive feedback from your pampered co-workers, bosses or employees.